Friday, June 19, 2009

OB update

I went to my last appointment with my precious, dear Dr. Ramsey, that I've seen almost 8 years. I was afraid I would cry the whole appointment, but I did not. I had decided to bring him an 8x10 picture frame of our family for him to change out each year, when I send him a new one. I also gave his 2 small children, water toys, since they will have a pool at Daddy's new house. I gave him a card-which he stopped reading as big tears filled his eyes. I've said before, but this man has been so much a part of our family. He always has made me feel as though I was his only patient. I have never felt rushed, or an inconvenience to him. He's always been available for me, even giving me his cell phone. How many doctors will give a patient his/her personal cell phone, and actually mean for them to use it, if they need something? We will definitely stay in touch. He gave me all his contact info in San Antonio, TX and we plan to communicate by email, regularly. The doctor that I will see now, Joey Biggio, is equally skilled. He has a big heart, and has a wonderful bed-side manner. I will never forget being back in the hospital after Tobi was born, as I had an abscess develop in my uterus, from the emergency c-section. The abscess was much more painful than even the recovery from the c-section. I had a high fever, and just felt rotten. He would come in my room, almost daily, even if he did not have rounds, and would say, "how ya feelin'? Can I get you a coke or candy bar? How's Tobi doin'?" and he genuinely meant every word. Several of my close friends have been seen by him in the MFM clinic at UAB and they too agree with what a wonderful man he is. So, Dr. Ramsey's "place" will never be taken, Dr. Biggio is also uniquely amazing.

So, since Dr. Ramsey was no longer an official UAB employee, he couldn't really "see me" as a patient, signing off on orders, etc. So, as we said our goodbyes and hugged, he told me that Joey would also see me today. So, we went down to the U\S room, and in he came, always smiling and extremely friendly. I could tell of his friendship with Pat, when I asked Joey about him leaving. Joey took over the U/S from the tech after a few minutes. He was measuring the cervix length, checking the fluid level, and little Luke's growth. Everything looked beautiful. Check out the picture of Luke, where he had his leg, fully extended above his head. He's in the pike position and it looks as though he's touching his toes! He's either gonna be a punt kicker, a gymnast, a diver, involved in martial arts, or who knows, but something that involves a lot of flexibility-like his daddy and mommy! Dr. Biggio said that Luke is in the top 75% of his weight "class" at this point, weighing a whopping 1 lb and 9 0z! At this growth rate, it's a good think I'm scheduled for a section, as he may come out 8 lbs! I was thrilled everything went so well, of course we were not surprised, as we serve a faithful God.

So keep praying- they are working. I feel at peace. I have not had anymore anxiety attacks, although today I did have a bit of a spell, where I was about to pass out. I was at the Amen Corner, so the sweet man, went and got me a bottled water, while I sat on a couch they have in there, and fanned myself. I had that happen with Tobi too. I had eaten and had some coke earlier, so I think it was just from the heat- 105 heat index. I felt better and came back to work. No problems since. Just continue to pray for Luke's safety in my womb. Pray that I will continue to do so well and have no complications, and that I will not have to spend anytime on bed rest.

Matt's 30th birthday coincides with Father's Day this year, (what are the chances of that?!). I wasn't gonna throw a party, but I did get a cake ordered from Edgar's Bakery, they are custom making with the "Superman" symbol on it. He watches Batman and Superman every day, seriously! I'd much rather it be that than the other possibilities. So, I'm gonna get some action figures (Tobi will inherit afterwards) to put on the cake as well. I wanted it to say, "You're old but you are still a super dad and super husband" but there wouldn't be room, since we had to get Happy 30th birthday and Father's Day Matt! all on there. I have ordered a recliner that should come in about 2 weeks. He knows about it, an it's kinda for both of us so when Luke gets here, we can crash in the chair too. I cant believe we met and started dating at 19, and we're both about to turn 30!!

I will be going to see Joey on Wednesday, the 24th, so I' will update you again soon. If anything grand happens on Matt's birthday, Sunday, I'll post again.

Faithfully His,


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