Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Overdue update

So I've been without my laptop for a few weeks. Matt thinks its gonna need another hard drive-that's about $150. So, I'm just now getting a chance to update the blog. Things have been going really, really well. God has continued to show He is faithful to His promises and He has His hands safely holding Arwyn in my womb. I continue to go every week to have the pessary removed. Dr Davis checks my cervix and continues to be pleased that there is no thinning, shortening, or any signs of opening. He's been pleased at the displacement of weight of the uterus-off the cervix- that the pessary has accomplished. He had felt her head behind the cervix when it was discovered that it was shortening at 24 weeks, so knowing that that is no longer the case, its a relief. I am now 28.2 weeks. Now I do feel MUCH bigger with her than I did with the boys. I am bigger! That's okay cause I'll get it off once she comes and am not worried about that but boy have I had some men say some idiotic things! 

I was getting an omelet the other day and the chef said, "well you look like you are due very soon" and "you are carrying low". When he told me he'd just had his first child seven months ago, i figured that explained it. He doesn't know what he's talking about. Then Sunday, we dropped the van off at Firestone to have the tires rotated and balanced and the guy that checked me in said, "You look like you're about to pop. You must be due any day"...I just laughed and said, "no i have 2 more months!" Men are just clueless sometimes.....foot insert into mouth!

Speaking of men, Matt went to the Catalyst men's conference with Derok and really seemed to get a lot out of it. I pray he will continue to utilize what he's learned and knows is his purpose to be a Godly man, after His heart in ALL he does. Derok seemed to enjoy it when he was able to go Friday night, since he was doing his UAB  ER rotation and had to work that Saturday. I truly hope that Derok will one day marry again, and she will love and respect him, but most importantly will be in a covenant to him through her commitment to the Lord to be his wife. I know he's close to this friend of his from school, Heather, that is also going through a divorce. Her husband left her with a newborn baby girl, which was their second child, and ran off with another woman to FL. She lives in Chattanooga. Derok and her were in a bible study together so each of them knew the difficulties of the other being away from his/her family while they were in school. Derok really admires her strength and her heart after the Lord. I would love for them to get together once all of their pasts are ironed out and everything is finalized for both of them. I've never met her, but from what I hear, she's a gem.

I took Luke to get his first "Big boy" haircut Saturday. It was kind of a surprise for Matt since I'd not told him. Here's the picture:

I told Matt not to think that I wont let Luke's bowl cut grow back out, cause once the summer is over, I will! He just looks to 'grown up' with this hair cut! The lady that cut it said, "he looks like he's 4 years old!" and I said, "NO! He's 2 1\2! I don't want him to look 4!" So, its cool and lower maintenance for now and Daddy gets his way, but that will change come winter!

We had the March For Babies walk Saturday and actually had a Footprints Ministry Booth there next to the family teams tent for the first time. That was nice to get the word out. While Dad (Grungie), Matt and the boys, did the walk, I stayed at the tent. I did go over and talk to the UAB nurses and found out they are planning another reunion soon. Ironically, the last one they had, was May 31, 2008, right before Layah was born and now they will have one the year her sister is to arrive! Don't think that's a coincidence!

Every day when I feel her move, and wake up again pregnant another day, I just praise Him and thank Him for this life that He's 'knitting' together in there. Matt's ready to meet her too, but I told him last night that we didn't want to rush her, plus, since this is the last time I will ever be pregnant as far as I can help it, i want to enjoy every bit of this time with her!

He is Faithful,