Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Faithful God

I went for my weekly appointment today, and just to have nothing "new" is awesome. Before I left for my appointment, I noticed Dr. Ramsey had sent me an email from TX. I was actually planning on emailing him Thursday, when I'm "officially" 30 weeks, but he beat me to it. He had been talking to Joey about my progress and was thrilled. It was so nice of him to think of me and my family. He gave me his new work address and said to make sure if I had any friends that were in the San Antonio, TX area that he could help, to direct them to him, (of course I would, but I don't think that's likely). Joey measured me and said I was measuring exactly 30 weeks. My blood sugar was normal, my blood pressure was actually what it normally is when I'm not pregnant, and he said my weight was fine. He listened to Luke's heart and said it was perfect. It was a very short-and sweet- appointment. I'm so blessed to be seen by some of the best high risk OBGYN physicians in the country. These guys are the ones that get the grants to do the studies, and I'm privileged to be a part of some of them.

After I had my appointment, I met my best friend (like my sister) Joy at the Paperworks Outlet downtown. We were looking for what I might want as my baby shower invitations. I had already found the "perfect ones". I am very excited about them, and hope they turn out as cute as they are online. It's almost surreal that I'm actually getting to start "planning". It's still a bit nerve-racking, because satan tends to put worry and doubt and fear in my mind, that this wont happen. BUT, God is so faithful. He has a plan, that's better than mine. I still fine myself crying in the car, or even sometimes at work when I hear a praise and worship song that touches that grief that's still so fresh in my heart. I miss Layah terribly. I still can feel her tiny, soft head in my hands, and how it felt on my lips as I kissed her goodbye. I can still feel her tiny feet in my hands, touching each of her perfectly developed toes. I can still feel tracing her tiny lips, perfectly symetrical. Why? Why couldnt we have found out the problem before her? I will never know. I will never get that answer until I can ask Him face to face. I have said it before, but I never imagined how difficult, emotionally, this pregnancy would be, after losing Layah. Most pregnant moms have some anxiety and worry, but it's completely different when things have turned out so tragic and then you attempting to walk down that path to motherhood again. I'm so blessed to have so many holding Luke, me, and my family up in prayer. As I read the story of Jonathan and David's friendship, and how unconditional their friendship was, I know many of my closest friends show this example.
Again, i want to ask for pray for Johanna Sims, who lost twins at 18 weeks. There has been some question as to whether or not she has an ectopic pregnancy. We are praying that there is abnormal pregnancy tissue in the uterus, and that it is not in the tubes, which could require surgery and added problems to fertility for her. I know it seems like an odd prayer request, but this is the better outcome than an ectopic pregnancy. Please continue to lift up Amber,(who has lost 3 babies at different gestations) as she battles with her body over an ovarian cyst. Also, I mentioned a co worker's fellow church member, Jessica Prescott. She has had problems with preterm labor and at 27 weeks, has now had her water break. Please pray that the Lord will continue to develop her tiny baby girl, Sayla Grace, and that He will give her life, both in and out of the womb, when her time comes to be born into this world. ***** Update: Jessica gave birth to Sayla early this morning. She weighed 1 lbs 12 oz. That's all I know for now***** I also have recently met another mom, who recently (almost 3 weeks ago) lost her son at 38 weeks for unknown reasons. I ask that you pray that she will be able to grieve for her son, and that she will head the Lord's will for when to begin to start trying to conceive again. I pray peace for her, comfort, and healing both in her body and her spirit. Thank you prayer warriors for standing in aggreement with us in our current circumstances, and expecting God to do great and miraculous works in and through us.

Faithfully His,


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