Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Surgery scheduled

So his morning, I had to go into Walgreen's to get some cold medicine I can take, and walked down the seasonal aisle in the back, and as I did, I glanced to my left, and there on the shelf, the last one, was a terracotta cross that said "Hope". I knew it was just a little encouragement from my heavenly Father for today. So, I went to my OB, Dr. Patrick Ramsey, who to me is the best OB every. At 10 1\2 weeks he wasn't sure that we were gonna be able to hear the heartbeat, but I reminded him that with Layah, we heard her's at 8 weeks. So he placed the Doppler on my belly, and there it was, fast and strong. So, then we talked and scheduled the "McDonald", (that's the name if this type) , Cerclage for next Friday, March 27th at 8am. I will have a spinal block for anesthesia, and he said he expected me to be home by noon. He drew out the 3 different types of cerclages that are performed and explained in detail, how they would stitch the cervix close. If you're interested, this is what it will look like, www.utdol.com/online/content/image.do?imageKey=obst_pix/mcdona7.htm&title=McDonald%20cerclage , however, I will have it doubled. He said that as many prophylactic (preventative) cerclages he has done, he'd not had a patient that had complications immediately following the procedure. Along with the nurses, and other folks I've talked about the cerclage and it's success with, I've heard nothing but great news. He doesn't anticipate me needing to be on bed rest. Besides other reasons, what complicates my case, is that with an "incompetent" (I had that word) cervix, there is no labor, just dilation of the cervix prematurely and out comes baby. But with Tobi, I actually had progressive labor. The puzzle is that we don't know if my cervix had already been dilated for days, or weeks, and with it an easy opening for infection, infection caused me to go into premature labor. With Layah, there was no labor at all. So, the chances of me having signs of premature labor are slim, we still want to pray against that possibility. I will go back to the doctor's office on Tuesday to have pre op labs, an ultrasound, and a pap. I'm feeling a lot of things, anxiousness, excitement, nervousness. I'm trying not to be fearful, and just praising God for His promises when those thoughts start coming. We didn't have a room color or anything for Layah planned, although we had the crib and other immediate necessities we had saved with Tobi, in her room, but no decor planned. So, in faith, I went to Lowes and picked out a minty, light green that we plan to do the nursery in. After all, He said, the tiniest, mustard-seed size amount of faith can move mountains. Please pray this upcoming week that the doctor's hand will be skilled and precise, and the cerclage will be placed high enough, deep enough, and tight enough and that I will not have any problems with anesthesia, especially the spinal wearing off. Pray that my body will accept this foreign object, and there will be no infection or bacteria that can get in. I know as with Tobi, and Layah, there are many prayer warriors, who "approach the thrown of grace with confidence". Please do so for me, and our sweet precious blessing inside of me.



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