Friday, March 27, 2009

Surgery complete

So, today we had the double-stitched Mcdonald cerclage put in, We got to the pre admit, as scheduled, at 7am, but of course they didnt even call me back to get ready until about 9:45. I had a great nurse, Melia. We talked to the anesthesiology team and they were well aware of my CPT type II dificiency disease. Since I had not had anything to eat or drink since Thursday night at 8, I got a migrane. They medicated me for that and the nausea. I finally went back to the OR at noon. All that I remember, (even though I was not under general anesthesia and had had some demerol and phergan going for several hours before) was seeing Dr. Ramsey useing a suction devise, like at the dentist office, to get the excess blood. I could hear hims talking, but dont remember what was said. Apparently, during the procedure, my heart rate went down to 38, so unknown to me, they gave me some ephedra-yes the kind that is now illegal to sale in nutritional supplements, but it can be used for medicinal purposes. Once in recovery, I felt pretty bad. I was very nauseated and continued to vomit, along with the severe pain in my belly from the cerclage, and the worst part was feeling the strong urge to pee but I could not since my bottom half was still somewhat asleep. So the weight of my full bladder on top of my cervix, caused some severe pain, it really felt like it did when I had labor. It was a lot more painful than I had anticipated. So, I got more pain medicaton and nausea medication. I was SOOOO thankful, Dr. Ramsey was the one to do the procedure. I didnt know till about a couple of hours before, since he was trying to get out doing clinic in April, but he came in and told me he'd told the other doctor that morning, he'd be doing my surgery. I ran into a girl, Crystal Hansen, that I cheered with at Erwin. We'd run into each other before, when Tobi was in the hospital. It was good to see her. Dr. Ramsey checked on me in recovery and then said if I needed him over th weekend or next week, I had his cell number. How many doctors give their patient their personal cell phone #?!!! I dont want him to leave!!! So, on our way home, I started feeling bad again, but, also sleepy. I know this discomfort will only last a few days. We all have a great feeling about this baby's life. Arwyn Hope will come into the world involuntarily, the doctors will be the ones to take her out. (yes I'm going to go ahead and say it's a girl) I'm gonna take it very easy over the next few days, including Monday. I'm so glad that this is behind us and now we can enjoy a long pregnancy. Keep praying! Love you all!

Faithfully His,


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  1. I am soooooo glad this procedure is behind you!!! I am coming to B'ham on Monday to see Katy and Sam (remember, they live in Pelham). If you can think of ANYTHING at all that you need, you need to give me a call. Do you still have my cell #? It's 324-5001 if you don't.
    Let us know how you're doing!