Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pre Op OB visit today

I went to have the pre op "stuff" today. I was expecting to do my labwork, since they said that it would need to be done within 72 hours, but for some reason, they want me to do it Thursday instead, so I have to make another trip down to UAB, but whatever, that's fine. So I had pap cultures taken and lucky me, with antibiotics, comes yeast, and so yes, had to get a prescription for that this afternoon. We were able to hear the strong heart beat again, and then we had the ultrasound. She (yes I'm gonna go ahead and just be saying that so you might get confused) was very active and moving all around. We have 1 great picture of her and in the background you can see her tiny fist, which I saw as the ultrasound was being done, but thought by the time she took the picture, the fist was gone, but it's there in the background. It's so amazing everything's in place and starting to function, at this point. It was so amazing to see the baby moving and the heart beating. I never get used to that. So, the plan is for us to arrive on Friday morning at 7am. I will get more labwork done, IV in, and they will start the spinal, which apparently is the longest part of the whole process and procedure. I was late reading my devotional today, but it was the verses in Luke where the angel of the Lord appeard to the shephards and told them of Christ's birth and how they went to see Him. What I noticed today is Luke 2:19, "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." This after the shepherds visited Mary and Joseph and were amazed and spread the word about Him. I can relate to how this will feel for me when this baby comes and we have visitors and everyone who knows us and our family and our story will also be amazed at this baby's miraculous entry into the world. It excites me and I have so much peace about what's to come-a long, long, pregnancy.

Faithfully His,


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