Friday, January 6, 2012


So first update on the pregnancy, after my OB apt yesterday, then I'll give you some of my thoughts on the devotional passage I read this morning. I had my OB apt yesterday at 3pm, but they were very behind so I didn't get out of there till almost 5:15. Matt's mom met me at the office. I had another ultrasound and the baby looked great, heart beat was strong, and "she" actually jumped like she was on a trampoline one time. Matt's mom saw it and said,"Awe 'she' jumped", which Matt says she said because she knows I want a girl, but I don't think she's that fast on her feet thinking, so maybe its what she wants, or maybe it was a sign. We'll just have to wait and see. I met Dr. Davis for the first time and presented all my questions to him. I asked him about how frequently he'd check my cervix and he basically said as often as either medicaly necessary or if I just need him to check it for peace of mind, and he'd do it with an ultrasound like Pat and Joey had both done. He said that he'd be doing the same Mcdonald cerclage, double stitch, that we had with Luke and that he would agree to not remove it in the office but rather in triage under some sedation. We'll start the 17HOP shots, (progesterone shots) at 16 weeks, (which also happens to be about the time my headaches got better in my pregnancy with Luke, most likely due to the leveling of hormones. My cerclage is scheduled for next Friday, the 13th. I was bit weirded out by the date, but I prayed about it and decided to not let superstition determine my surgery date, and my let my faith in His grace and provision get us through it perfectly. So, we'll be at the hospital at 6:30, hopefully to go back for surgery by 8am. I don't want a repeat of last time, dealing with a migraine and the pain of a full bladder-from iv fluids- on top of a freshly stitched cervix, unable to evacuate my bladder because my legs were asleep from the spinal. We are going to most likely have Tobi and Luke spend the night at mom's since she's closest to Creekview and Matt' mom is suppose to work the next morning and may be on call.

Now, this morning I was reading in Genesis 17 where God was laying out His plans for Abraham and Sarah and giving them quit detailed information as to what blessings He would covenant with them. I found it interesting that although Abraham "...Overwhelmed, ..fell on his face." (vs 3)  when the Lord first began speaking to Abraham the details of His plans, that the second time he ""fell flat on his face" after the Lord spoke His plans for generations to come through Abraham and Sarah, Abraham laughed. He laughed and actually thought, "Can a hundred year old man father a son? And can Sarah, at ninety years, have a baby?" His first response, in my mind was of humility, reverence, servitude, an action showing worship and respect, but the second time Abraham was on his face, it almost appears he was being sarcastic, completely doubtful, with disrespect-enough to laugh at God's plan. It gave me pause thinking of how many times have I had that kind of attitude towards my Abba, my heavenly father? When He's given me favor, promises, blessings, and I've said, "yeah right" or "that'll never happen". This pregnancy to me is a completion in a promise that I feel the Lord spoke through the Holy Spirit to me in May of 2008, before Layah was born. (You can look back and read about it in my early posts of this blog). I feel in my Spirit that as is the name of this blog, His heart is faithful. I cant wait to experience this pregnancy as I did with Luke, knowing what a miracle the Lord is growing inside of me, cell by cell. As we looked at the ultrasound yesterday, watching this tiny little life-the size of a key lime or packet of sugar, as it bounced and moved and we heard the strong heart beat, I was again reminded of the miracle of life and the complex workings that the Designer uses to create each of us. WOW! I just cant understand those who even after seeing that, if given the opportunity which most are not, still choose to have an abortion. We have a long road to go still, and there's several challenges that we must face: to sell or not to sell our home? day care or will  our prayers be an answered that Matt's parents and my mom possibly joint-care for this little one for the first year? This is going to be joyous but also stressful. I pray daily that Matt will continue to stay sober and remember where to find his artillery in the battle he fights with the enemy over his sobriety. I know the Lord will be glorified through this journey and this life to come, and I pray that the journey to bring 'her' home to us will be a journey like the one we experienced with Luke. I know He's in control and I can rest in that.

Faithfully His,


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