Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Side tracked

So this morning I was ready to head back to work after having a 4 day weekend, post surgery on Friday. The boys and I got up, as usual, then as I went to get Luke's shoes, I went to the restroom and there was blood. Not a huge amount, but enough to scare me, as it was bright red blood. So, I called, the MEU, (Maternal Evaluation Unit), and described what I saw, so they told me to just come in to be checked. So I called mom and she would come and take Luke to school  and I got Tobi off to the bus stop and then headed to the hospital. As I text out the prayer request, I was scared, very scared. We prayed in the car as we waited for the bus, and then as the text of prayers being sent up came in, I felt at peace. I felt calm, and that everything was gonna be fine. So, during rush hour, I drove, quite peacefully, to the hospital. I got in and had a great, sweet nurse, Lindsay. She was reassuring and nice. The resident, Dr. Chappell, did a speculum exam and said that everything looked fine. He could see where one of the sutures was oozing, but wasn't actively bleeding. He said that the cervix looked good, was closed and there was no sign of shortening from what he could tell on his exam. So he consulted with his bosses, and then returned to say, the bleeding should not be concerning, but most likely due to irritation and that he would discuss everything with the 'big boss' and then return. Dr. Brumfield, one of the MFM doctors came in herself and inquired as to my level of physical activity since the surgical procedure. So, I told her of doing nothing the day of surgery, Friday, nothing, Saturday or Sunday, however on Monday, yesterday, we took the boys to bowl. It didn't seem like a lot of activity, but considering, I guess it was. She said that the twisting motion, even thought it was just my arm strength being used, could have caused the irritation to that suture. She said to just rest over the next week, and try to avoid upright standing as much as possible, since the weight can add stress to the sutures. She said that I should be able to increase my physical activity after a week, of course, "physical activity" will just be chores, going to the grocery store and Wal-Mart, and going to work, not my Turbo, weights, or Zumba....that's it. I have a follow up apt on Thursday, with Dr. Davis. Since I'm 13 weeks, 1 day, I will discuss when he will get me the prescription for my progesterone shots, since those will begin at 16 weeks.

So today, having had this little side trip in this pregnancy's journey, I was comforted when I read the One Year Bible passage in Proverbs. 

Proverbs 3:24-26 " No need to panic over alarms or surprises,
or predictions that doomsday's just around the corner, Because God will be right there with you; he'll keep you safe and sound. "

This verse was EXACTLY what I needed today. Thank you Lord for all your wisdom and comfort.

Now for a little humor....laughter is always good....in my opinion, especiallly when it involves your children. Once home and resting, mom came over to check on me and I am sure make sure I was resting. We noticed  neither of our toilets were working!  Both of the 2 bathrooms we have, had stopped up toilets. I knew Tobi's was stopped up because his little OCD habit of wiping with wipes and not toilet paper had resulted in him flushing the wipes rather than putting them in the trash. He's usually pretty good about remembering to put them in the trash, and I'll come by and retrieve it. However, the last time he 'went', he says there was no trash bag in the can.....so he flushed them.  So, I attempted to unstop the toilet, and after retching and gaging, I finally said, "forget it!". The toilet in the master bath had been giving us fits . Sometimes it would flush, and sometimes it would not. Matt and his dad had attempted to fix it, but we know most handy men are not computer techs.  So, I got out the business card of the plumber who had done major work at Nana and Papa's, and gave him a call, Robert Polk. He was so nice and understanding and I'm sure in some ways felt sorry for a pregnant mommy of 2 boys and wife had no potties! He said he'd be over this afternoon. In our chit chat, we discovered his oldest daughter and Tobi are in the same grade at the same school, small world.  First, he worked and worked on our toilet and then after a little 'tough love' with the auger, he said, "Ah ha! here's the culprit!".....and there it was..... an orange sized plastic giraffe! Yup, my sweet Luke had flushed the toy down the potty. Tobi had done this also, when he was 3, while Dad and I were in West Virginia snowboarding for a much needed 'mini mommy vacation', since Tobi was so sick back in those days and was constantly in and out of the hospital and I just needed a few days to recharge. Matt called one of the nights I was away and when I asked how things were, he said, "every thing's fine, but I think we need to call a plumber cause Tobi flushed a toy down the drain and I think it was Darth Vader".  Of course I'm thinking, "really? I cant be gone a few days without the house falling? But it was fine, Matt handled it, and when I got home and asked Tobi about it, I said, "Did you flush Darth Vader down the toilet?" and he said, "yes." So I said, Why?" and he said, "cause I wanted him to go to heaven!"  I'm guessing, my miracle son knew that we must be 'cleansed of our sins' to go to heaven, and he hadn't quite got the concept of Jesus' sacrifice, so he thought he'd 'cleanse' Darth Vader in the potty, sending him to heaven, saving him from the 'dark side'! It was funny. ....expensive, but funny. I still have that receipt and Tobi ended up getting another Darth Vader.
He is Faithful,


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