Friday, January 13, 2012

Surgery Day

So today, Friday, January 13, 2012 was the day of surgery. The boys spent the night with mom. We got up and got to the hospital right before 6:30. The new Women's and Children's Hospital at UAB is so nice and easy to get around in. We parked right in front of the ambulance entrance and once checked in at the registration desk, we made our way to labor and delivery on the 3rd floor. We only sat down for a moment when they called me back. I changed, gave urine, and then answered a millions questions. Matt was brought back and then the 2 nurses attempted to get an IV in me. The first nurse was not successful, but the sweet nurse, Alice, from Kenya, was. I had a pelvic exam to check for infection and that was fine. Then anesthesia and OB both came in and asked another million questions. Dr. Davis stopped by and in his soothing voice, said we'd hopefully be done by lunch. The preadmit nurse told me later, "don't hold your breath on that sweet heart..." which made me nervous, considering the bad migraine I got last time for waiting so long after fasting and not having any caffeine. I began to get a headache, and then right around 8:15am, they came to get me. We walked down the hall to the OR and I got on the table, to prepare for the spinal. The sweet nurse, Ashley, and I chit chatted. I started getting upset as we talked about Layah, as they saw my flower tattoo, and I talked about her. I'm not sure why I started crying, but I know some of it was just nerves. The spinal was a breeze, especially considering my pain tolerance to tattoos! The procedure started and although I was fully conscious and could hear and see, (but I couldn't see what they were doing due to the cover up sheet hung in front of my face), I couldn't feel anything but pulling and tugging. I started getting worried that my bottom would wake up, and then I started worrying about some of the risks from the procedure, (particularly the 'your water sac could get punctured, but its not likely). I know Satan was just trying to bully me. I think maybe the headache was a 'blessing' because the pain distracted my thought. They gave me medication for my headache, and before I knew it, it was over. I was taken to recovery, and had a wonderful nurse, Lisa. She was very empathetic, as she too has migraines. She could tell on my face, that I was very uncomfortable. She got me some morphine. that helped to break up the migraine's attack. I was finally able to get some coke and some peanut butter and graham crackers. Matt was so great and very helpful. I tried to go the bathroom, the first time, with no success, although my legs were like jelly, I could feel them, but my bladder muscles were not yet awake. So, we returned to recovery to wait a little longer. Finally, I was able to go. Once we got back to recovery, Kristy Benefield, the bereavement nurse that I'm so close to, had been located and she along with the chaplain came for a visit. She got to see my memorial tattoo's recoloring, and wanted me to share the story behind it with Matt, the chaplain. So of course I did, and then told her about the '23' due date, along with all the others. We left and were on our way home by 12:30. I was not feeling well, in route, and once Matt stopped to get us some Burger King, I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. Once I did, I felt better. We got home and ate lunch and then I went to rest. Mom came over and did lots of ironing for me. Nana went and got Tobi from school and then Matt went to pick up Luke from Bright Horizons. Then my dear friends, Heather and Tina, had gotten us O'Charley's, which was my request when asked what we would like, so heather brought our food by about 6?15 along with a sweet card from Tina and her girls. So our day went much better than expected, although I did have the migraine.  So we now schedule the follow up appointment and continue to check baby to make sure everything is continuing to go as planned.

HE is Faithful!


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