Monday, August 3, 2009

UAB Hospital overnight stay but all is well

So yesterday, I had a very relaxing day to myself while Matt and Tobi went to Nana and Papa's house for most of the day. I watched a bunch of Lifetime movies, (I haven't watched this channel in forever, but I got sucked into one of the movies, and then it just continued. must be the hormones), while I worked on laundry, did dishes, vacuumed, and some other cleaning. I guess the lounging most of the day was in preparation for an eventful afternoon and night! Since Tobi is hearing impaired, when he is not wearing both his hearing aids, (or as we call them, his "ears"), he tends to act out and is much more disruptive and his behavior is not good. One of his aids has been sent off for repairs to the manufacturer and normally that takes about 2 weeks. Well, yesterday the other "ear" started malfunctioning. I put it in it's dryer, (which helps absorb some of the sweat or moisture that can cause it's circuits to mess up). While it was in there, Tobi was in his room and began watching a DVD. It was blaring loud, so I went in to make him turn it down some, since he was sitting right in front of the TV. I told him that it was too loud and turned it down, and as I was talking to him about something else, (which he probably couldnt hear me talking anyway), he started turning it back up. I said, "Tobi, I said NO" and he punched me in the stomach. It wasn't the kind of punch that takes your breath away, or as hard as I know he can hit, but nevertheless, it was a punch to the mid-side. I was so angry and upset, I grabbed him and took him to the bathroom and held the door closed with him in there. After 7 minutes-based on he's almost 7- I went in (because we do believe in "spare the rod, spoil the child" but I did not want to spank him while I was mad), and I told him that he knew he would still have to have a punishment for hitting me and explained to him all the reasons and dangers for why that was not acceptable behavior. He received his punishment, cried, we hugged and he said he was sorry, and I could tell it was genuine. He understood what he'd done, although I dont know if he realized the severeity of what could happen to Luke.

So, the incident was over, but with everything we have been through, I could not be at ease and began to cry. Matt knew I wanted to go get checked out at UAB, but I wanted him to stay with Tobi. I called my mom and she came to get me. I was not having any symptoms, bleeding, pain, contractions I could feel, but I knew something could be going on, without me knowing. We got to the UAB triage about 6:15pm and they put me on the monitors. All the nurses that kept coming out through my whole stay in triage and on the maternity floor, all kept commenting on how awesome Luke was doing and his monitor showed so. They do not rely on U/S for diagnosis blood pooling-which I thought they'd do- because, apparently, it's only 15% reliable. They rely on the monitors of my uterus and Luke's heart rate. They would watch me for 4 hours and if things continued, I'd be kept for a 23-hour observation stay. I continued to have contractions -although I could not feel them- so they got an IV ready for me. It took the poor nurse (and my poor hands and wrists) 3 times because I was dehydrated. Since I continued to have contractions, I was taken upstairs. I thought they were going to give me meds, but the doctors were not alarmed to take that measure. I was very nervous (that's an understatement) about them doing a pelvic exam, since nothing has been "down there" (again, like I said before, sorry if this gets a bit graphic but it's my story), since about 21 weeks when they checked my cervical length and thickness. All the other times, the docs had used the U/S to check it. So, at first, while I was downstairs I refused, (not like never-gonna-happen refuse, but unless an attending-not a resident- said it was a must, or if I began having pain or other complications, I'd rather not). One of the nurses that was in her late 50's commented on how that was a good thing to do, since not all patients are "by the book", which for me, that couldnt be more true. By the time we got upstairs to a room, it was about 11pm. I was beginning to get a migraine because of not having anything to eat since about 1:30 pm, and had had very little to drink-since they wanted to keep me NPO in case of any change that would require a c-section. The attending came in and said that she felt I needed to be checked with a pevlic exam because if the uterus was dilating, the cerclage stiches would rip and we'd have some serious problems. I agreed and she performed the exam. She stated there was no shortening of the cervix, no dilation and no blood on her gloves-all the best outcomes. I was so relieved. Since I'd started to get a migraine, they were gonna get me some medication, which they said could also help with the contractions. I got some oral Percocet-which helped the headache, but keeps my wide awake. So by 2:30, I was still wide awake, but my body was tired. So I asked the charge nurse for some benydrl and she said, "we can give you some Ambien." I was a bit nervous, but apparently, this is a common medication they administer and is safe. So, I took it and did get to finally sleep for a couple of hours, before they had to move us because a mom needed the room to have her baby. Mom and I did not sleep well. We had expected to see the docs farily early, as so many other times in the hospital, I've been awoken at 4:00 or 4:30 am with docs coming in for rounds. No such luck this time. I continued to stay on the monitors all day, and was still NPO. Finally, at 1:30 or 2, I was okayed a regular diet. My sweet mother in law brought me some food.

So many of my sweet friends and co worker's called and text me, letting me know that prayers were being lifted up for Luke and me. I know this is how Luke has continued to stay safely in my womb. I didnt expect to get to go home until about 8pm tonight, but while talking to a friend from work, one of the residents came in, checked the strips from the monitors and said, "ready to go home?". That was music to my ears! She said one of the main doctors in charge, (which I knew she was talking about Dr. Tita, who is one of the MFM doctors in my group), said if I continued to be A-contracual, (having contracts typical for all pregnant women, but not the kind that cause concern for immediate labor), I could go home. So, at 5pm, Matt and I were out the door! Woo hoo! God is so faithful and I know He continues to hear and act on our prayers for Luke's safe and full-term arrival.
I read today this verse:

Romans 1:16-20
"I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last,
just as it is written: "The righteous will live by faith."

It reminded me of what we learned on such a deeper level, with Layah's life and death- our lives depend on our faith. We become righteous in His sight by our faith. I know He will continue to reveal Himself through our journey to bring out children into this world, full term and healthy. I pray that He will continue to strengthen my faith, and that of my family's.

Faithfully His,


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