Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's always something....

Getting later and later at posting a new entry, but I'm in that nesting phase....and there's SO much that must be done before Luke's arrival! I am now 33.2 weeks and loving every minute of it. Last weekend, we finally got Luke's room painted to my satisfaction. Now, we just have to get the carpets cleaned before we start putting in the furniture. I'm gonna have to get ceiling fans installed in Luke and Tobi's room. If I remember correctly, there was some kind of electrical reason that Matt and his dad couldn't put Tobi's in.

Tuesday I had my baby shower at work. It was very nice. No one knew where I was registered since it didn't make it on the invitations, but we got a lot of great stuff-a 264 count box of different-sized diapers! I have some really great co workers. Once the shower was over, I was on my way home for the rest of the afternoon. Wednesday, we had a special day at work, and got to leave for the day at 11:30, to eat lunch and have a get together away from work. I was home fairly early that day too, after I got the oil changed, picked up a smoke detector, dropped some books off at the library, picked Tobi up from school and picked up Luke's crib and comforter set! Yes, I was tired. Thursday turned out to be very interesting. My OB apt was at 12:30. I was anxious to get some things done at work since I'd been out a good bit this week. About 10 am, Tobi's vice principle, Mr. Lowery,called me at work. He explained to me that Tobi had said something violent at school (I'm not gonna say exactly what he supposably said, but this was SO out of character for Tobi). I got very upset and began bawling. What the VP said that Tobi said was such a shock because he doesn't watch anything violent except shows like Transformers, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman, all fantasy, and Tobi called it "make believe" so I know he understands it is not real. Anyway, he told me that they'd talked to Tobi and they just wanted to let me know about this incident, because it scared some of the other kids. I couldn't stop crying. I was so upset. I emailed Matt to tell him what happened, since I couldn't talk to him on the phone, in my emotional state. I was also a bit angry, thinking he'd contributed to this with one of the shows he watches that I know Tobi's caught some of asMatt watched before, even though he knows I despise the show. It's an adult "cartoon" but it's very crude and not a bit funny to me. Anyway, 2 of my co workers had thought I wasn't at my desk and peeped their heads over, only to see me very upset. I told them what happened and they were so sweet to comfort me and assure me that it was just the enemy trying to get me upset. Since I haven't had any real problems with this pregnancy with Luke, he's pulling at strings to try and discourage me or cause me to go into labor early. I agreed and could see it as well. I started getting a horrible migraine, which was also related to the weather change but this surely didnt help.

I had been so upset that for breakfast, I had a bagel with cream cheese and had not eaten anything since. By 12:30, when I got to the OB's office, my urine showed some ketones in it because of fasting for several hours. My glucose was fine, BP fine, weight fine, and Luke's heart rate was fine. I didn't tell Joey what happened but he could tell I didn't feel well and told me to take something soon. He said that the plan was to remove the cerclage b\t 35-36 weeks. I didn't understand this because I'm gonna have a section anyway, but he reminded me that if I was to go into labor, the cerclage could rip my cervix-not good. He told me that it's not as if as soon as the cerclage is removed, I will dilate and go into labor. He said that most women continue for several more weeks and he's had many patients that he actually had to induce for failure to dilate at all. I also asked him about the swine flu and all that and he said that at this point they do not have the vaccine, so if I was exposed, they would put me on Tami flu. I am standing firm in faith, that this will not be an issue with our family. I told my sweet friend, and nurse Veronica, about what had happened and she assured me that Tobi didnt say it with harm, but she agreed it was an attack from the enemy. I left the office and headed to get some medicine for my head, and pick Tobi up from school. I stopped and got something to eat on the way. I had Matt's mom pick up the last vile of my Delalutin shots-it's surreal that this is the last 4 shots! She called me as I waited in line at the school, but I couldn't get any of the incident out verbally without just losing it, hysterically crying. I managed to tell her and she was as shocked as I was, but told me that everything would be okay. Tobi's teacher, Amy, had left me a voicemail that everything was fine, and Mr. Lowery had told her that I was very upset, (he said he'd never had a parent cry when he had to call them about something that happened at school!) She didn't want me to be upset and everything was fine now. She later told me on the phone that she'd let Mr. Lowery know that I was expecting and at this point, something insignificant could make me cry, much less this. Once I picked Tobi up, and was calm and not crying, we talked about what happened and he actually said something very different than was the VP had told me-which his teacher later confirmed. It wasn't anything good but at least I could understand where it came from. We didn't spank Tobi but we did discuss the severity of what had happened and why it was bad. He seemed to understand, and Amy assured me on the phone that she knew Tobi was a sweet boy and it was just something boys do or say that docent mean any intentional harm.

By the time Matt got home from work, I was pooped, but we'd told Tobi that we'd let him start Taekwondo and it was the night for his first lesson. So, we went. It's very close and the owner, Mark Smith, of the school, Taekwondo Plus, in Pelham is a wonderful Christian. Matt was a second degree black belt, and he even told Matt that if he ever wanted to get back into it, he wouldn't lose his rank. It was very neat to watch Tobi get started. As we talked to Mark, we knew we wanted Tobi to start. It would be good for him physically, as well as to learn the qualities of self control, and all that goes along with being a successful student and person. We got Tobi's uniform and schedule for his age group. Mark said if Tobi comes regularly, he'll be ready to compete by November.

So, we missed the class last night, as I thought it was at 6 but it was at 5, however, one of the instructors was very kind to do a bit, one on one, with Tobi before teaching his class of Ju Jitsu. We did make it this morning, and Tobi had a great time. It was neat to see these little guys sparing against one another. Their was a little Asian boy, Noah, who may have been 5, and he was a brown belt! I think this will be a very good sport for Tobi.

I'm very excited about my baby shower at my sister-in-law's home. I hope to get to see some friends that I don't get to see and visit with very often. I wanted to get the post updated, but will talk about my devotional on the post tomorrow as I talk about how the shower went and all the goodies that we got!

Thank you Lord, for your amazing gift of life!

Faithfully His,


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