Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy weekend and my request to you

Well we had planned to have a busy weekend, and I knew I'd be pooped, but I was exhausted! Friday night I unpacked a cabinet in the kitchen we keep our paperwork stuff in, in order for Matt to be able to move it, in preparation for our new floors to go in. Saturday morning, I had to take Tobi for soccer pictures at 8:15, which is too early for me on the weekend to actually have something to be at! Then his game was a 9. Matt stayed at home to move everything out of the kitchen and dining room for he, his dad, and my dad to start laying the flooring down. After Tobi's game, (they won 9-5 woo hoo!!), we went by Starbucks cause I needed some caffine, (it was half caf so dont freak). Then we came home, and rushed to get Tobi changed. I knew he'd want to "watch" Pop (Matt's dad), but that wasn't gonna happen. So we ran by the library to return and pick up a book-for me. Then went to Cobblestone shoes to get Tobi some new Crocs. He picked out brown, (what a smart kid, knowing it'll go with everything!). Then we went to Belk where we tried on what seemed like 20 things for Tobi- and only got 2. Then it was Mom's turn. While Tobi waited patiently (HA!) with Mimi, I tried on a few shirts- for my growing belly and yes boobs. After all that shopping, it was time to eat. So, we went to "Welcome to Moe's!" as a treat from Mimi, and the line was almost running out the door. We ate and then it was time for Mimi to go home. Tobi and I went to Walmart to get some play shorts and let him spend his $1 he got from Mimi for minding Mom, (well he did for like 30 minutes). My eyes were about to shut, I was getting so sleepy as we got in the car. So we headed home, for a quick stop to check on the guys' progress. It looked great. I changed clothes and decided to take a break on the couch. While Tobi was watching Lord of the Rings on TV and wasn't too much in the way, I dozed a bit. Then it was time to head to Publix. We loaded up on necessities for the house and headed back home, in time to see that Grungie (my dad) was gone, and Papa was picking up his tools for the day. With all our running around and then having to cook something and clean up a bit, we were all asleep by 9, which is kinda early for the weekends at our house. Unfortunately, we were so exhausted and couldn't get up to get to church. We'll have to watch it online this week. Sunday, my sweet husband did let me have the day to myself, and I finally got to watch-in it's entirety- Twilight. Very good movie. See Hollywood, you can make a love story without having to have sex scenes all through the movie. I don't remember "Edward" being so hot in Harry Potter, must have been the part. So, nothing exciting to report about my pregnancy. I am going to start the progesterone shots this weekend. Matt's mom will do them for me since she's a nurse. It's great to have her do it. She's a very good stick! As the weeks get closer to that point at which we lost Layah, I ask that you will lift me up in your prayers and ask the Lord that He would give me assurance, peace, and just confirmation that this pregnancy will bring life that will not end so suddenly. ( I am 16 weeks and Layah came at 23) It's still very hard at times, just desperately missing her. I picked up some stuff in our bedroom and decided to move Layah's keepsakes to our closet, to get out on special occasions, and I was fine- until I started washing my face and then I just lost it. I know I've mentioned it before, but please pray that at those times, when I feel that I failed her, that I will sense His Peace, and her joy in being with Him. I stopped asking, "why us? and why me?" but the feelings of guilt still surface at times. I'll end on this prayer of praise. "Lord, thank you so much for Your omnipresence. I'm so thankful that I don't have to worry about tomorrow, as you hold it in your hands. You know my heart; when I'm joyful and in mourning. I thank you for always having time for me, even when I don't return the same. I thank you for your grace and mercy and the blessings of a great job, a close and loving family, a wonderful marriage, and a miracle son. You are worthy to be praised! In your precious Son's holy name, Jesus. Amen"

Faithfully His,


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  1. I love reading your blog. I can "hear" you all through it. I am still praying every single day. I have you on my prayer list and will post another plea for MORE prayer. I just know in my heart that God hears all those prayers and mighty things happen through the power of prayer. I need to come see you. I need to bring you supper one night. Call me and let me know when a good time would be. Can you eat Mexican pregnant???