Sunday, May 9, 2010


050510 Luke's dedication at church

Luke at Tobi's soccer game 050810

This past week, on Wednesday, we had Luke's dedication at Church of the Highlands, main campus. There were about 15 families on the stage with us. As Pastor Chris went down the line passing the mic, when he got to us, he spoke to the church about how I'd been apart of the church family since the beginning and then he said, "I love you girl!" I thought that was so sweet. I was glad that Derok's family, Amanda's family, Mom, Dad, Jon and Renee were all able to come. I want so much for Luke & Tobi to enjoy going to church and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Today is Mother's Day and I'm am so truly blessed to have Tobi and Luke & our precious Layah waiting on us in heaven. I'm also truly blessed to have such an amazing Mom, Grandmother and Mother-in-Law. I would never have been able to ask God for a more godly mother and grandmother. Although we've only been close for about the last 10 years, I know her love for me has always been unconditional and everything she's done for me, has always been to try and direct my steps towards our Heavenly Father.

Late this afternoon, I got a text from Johanna telling me that she had started her period today. Of all days, today, Mother's Day. She said, "there cannot be a God who would allow me to have 2 miserable Mother's Day when everyone we know is celebrating. No hope." I'm praying that the Lord will give me words to say when I respond to her tomorrow. I can only imagine her disappointment, but I've told her of so many stories where women were told they would never have children, or they experienced several losses and are now mothers, and reminded her of Hannah, Samuel's mother, and the woman with the bleeding disorder and have tried to encourage her faith, but I'm worried. I don't know how strong her faith was before she lost the twins, and I'm afraid how her heart may respond to this trial. I'm sure that the Lord is going to bless her with a child, but I'm afraid that because it's about HIS timing and not hers, she may not reap the full blessing from Him if she loses hope.

to be continued.....

Faithfully His,


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