Friday, May 14, 2010

Celebrating New Beginnings

Tonight we are meeting up at Red Lobster with Derok's family to celebrate his new journey in his life to become a physician's assistant. Derok and Christi have sold the house and Christi and the kids will be moving into another house in Trussville. I still do not think Derok has been supported enough through this process of preparing to go to KY for school. There is a lot of stress the whole family has been experiencing as he aproaches this transition. Afterwards, I'm going up to UAB-the new women's and children's part of the hospital to visit Nita and David and their new baby boy, Eli David Terrell. I (and Rick and Bubba) were sure it was a girl, but he surprised many! It's funny cause she may not have known she was pregnant, or got pregnant shortly after, my baby shower last August. Boy what a difference in a year!

In talking to Johanna, having Dana round up the prayer warriors, and in talking with Amber, I think she's on a better page today. Amber can really relate more to Johanna's infertility than I can. Amber actually is celebrating her 36th birthday tomorrow! So, Johanna still has time. Amber said she'd fought infertility for 6 years before getting pregnant. Johanna, I dont think, has been trying quite that long. I'm keeping all the emails she and I shared so when she brings home-probably multiples,- she's gonna look back and realize that His plan has always been better than hers. Johanna said that Scott doesnt talk about his emotions but she said that she can tell when he's really depressed. I pray that they will comfort and encourage one another. When talking to Johanna about her trip to Maryland on the 21st to consult with the doctor she's chosen to have the IVF with, I asked her how she found him. She said that she ran across a blog and this woman had had similar problems and in talking with her by email, she felt very positive about this doctor. I assured Johanna that finding this doctor, was no coincidence. I know He has a plan for her, she just has to know she must trust Him.

Faithfully His,


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