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Well, this Saturday, April 24th, is the annual March of Dimes walk. Last year, it was just too difficult for me to walk. Besides being pregnant and not wanting to risk it, the enviroment would just have been more than I could handle, still with empty arms from losing Layah. This year though, we celebrate the life that we've been blessed with through Luke. I've gotten T-Shirts made for our family team, "Shelfer Babies Team", and even Tobi is gonna walk this year. I'm praying the rain will hold off until at least lunch time, giving us time to finish the 4+mile walk and get back to the car. I wish more of my co workers supported this charity, either with walking or monetary donations. I know they all read my email that went out because it notified me for each individual. Oh well, it cant be helped. All I can do is ask. We know the Author of Life, but we also know that His hands have been extended by the March of Dimes.

I read a verse this AM and soon after, received an email from my precious friend Amber,updating me on her 12 week doctor's apt. The verse was James 1:12 (MSSG) "Anyone who meets a testing challenge head on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is LIFE and more LIFE."!!! I know she is very anxious in regards to her upcoming cerclage surgery on April 30th. I told her what to expect and hope she will not be in as much pain and discomfort as I was. I told her that I felt that she was having a girl. I was right, this week, with LeeAnn's baby, as she found out Monday she's having a boy and I predicted that. We'll see. I'm just so excited for Amber, and know that if she can get pregnant, so can Johanna.

We had gotten word on Tuesday that Addison, (Matt's sister, Amanda, her husband, Jeremy, his sister's little girl) was to get a kidney yesterday, but after the tissue matching was done and the blood work was done that night, Addi had antibodies in her blood, which meant most likely if she was given this kidney, she would reject it. So, she goes back on the list. I know her parents, Adam and Janna, were devastated. But, we just pray that God will align the mos perfect kidney, even if is from a living donor, that Addi will have for a lifetime. I'm sure the felt like they were on a rollercoaster of emotions.

We also have Nora, Amanda's only child, her 1st birthday party is on Saturday afternoon. Then we have Luke's baby dedication on May 5th-Granny's birthday, and then Granny's 88th birthday party on the 8th. I am so thankful that Tobi has gotten to know Granny. I sure am gonna miss her when she passes, but I know she will be wating for us with Layah, Papa, and her precious child that she lost, Ronnie.

Faithfully His,


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