Saturday, May 9, 2009

Child-like Faith

So today, after having spent the whole day home with Tobi today and yesterday (he had fever of 103.8 yesterday morning), it reminded me of how much I miss getting to hang out with him, just him and me. He has gotten very interested in pictures of Jesus and the cross, and sometimes the crown of thorns intrigues him. I'm not sure why. Out of the blue, he'll say, "Mom, Jesus is God. He lives in Heaven. He died on the cross so we could go to heaven." At 6 1\2 he's already grasping faith. Yes, at this point it has a lot to do with what he's been told by me and his dad, but in time, he will start to experience this God that is not only in Heaven but Emmanuel, "God with us". The devotional today was very appropriate. It was about this child-like faith. The story was about the man from Capernaum, who told Jesus of his sick servant that was suffering and paralyzed. Jesus told him that he would go to his house, but the centurion said that he didn't deserve to have Jesus under his roof, but if Jesus would simply say "he's healed", it would be so. Jesus was touched by this kind of faith; this man believed he was in the prescence of our holy God, and that He didn't have to be with the man to heal this man, He could simply say it. Wow! That's the kind of faith I want. I want to remember daily, Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is being SURE of what we HOPE for and CERTAIN of what we do not SEE." This man was sure Jesus could heal his servant, and he was certain of it, without even having to see Jesus there with the man. Many times I struggle with fear, doubt, anxiety, thinking "Will God really keep this baby in me until 36 weeks? Will I experience another child dying? Is my body really gonna stay a safe place for this precious child?" But I have to stand on this verse and the promises that He's made. I have to be certain that we will see our "Hope", certain that it will be at the perfect timing, when this life will be healthy and strong and able to survive outside of my womb without medical assistance. I have to be certain that this life will NOT be cut so short. I have to be certain that this life to come is to do mighty things for His kingdom, and I am being prepared spiritually to equip this child with this type of faith. I know He miraculously healed Tobi and saved his life, because He has something special planned for him as well. Our family's favorite verse, we have on everything we can buy, is Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to PROSPER YOU AND NOT TO HARM YOU, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE." This has been our family's favorite verse since I was small, and my mom always stood firm on this verse, through everything that she, Derok, and I went through. She showed me that faith in what we hope for but yet do not see. There was another verse in today's devotional and it was Luke 18:27 "Jesus replied, "what is impossible with men is possible with God". These 2 verses go hand in hand. I have to have faith in knowing that with my God, all things are possible, even when I dont see it. I must be certain of this. That is my prayer for today. Lord, please give me the assurance and peace that what you have promised will come to pass, and will be fulfilled. Give me peace that only comes from you, in knowing that you alone are the author of life and know each day of life that is to be counted, for each person. I thank you that you have provided us with the best medical team, I feel, in the southeast. I am so grateful to be close to UAB and all the advancements and research they produce in order to help moms like me, Rachel, Johanna, Amber, and all those I do not know personally, who have lost children before each had a chance to really live, to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. You overcame sin and death. By your wounds I AM HEALED. I thank you for casting my sins as far as the east is to the west, and cleansing me white as snow with your precious blood. I praise you for my precious Tobi, and such a wonderful, and supportive family. This mother's day, I pray that my mom and Matt's mom, will grasp just how much I love both of them. Thank you for being all sufficient and everything we need, even when we don't realize it. I glorify your name, the name above every name. AMEN.

Faithfully His,


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