Monday, July 26, 2010

finally another entry!!

So I got my new camera several weeks ago and now that my husband bought me a laptop for my birthday, I'm gonna try to get better about updating this blog. I'm gonna see if i can add a short bit of video I took of Luke about a week or so ago saying "Mama"'s so sweet. We noticed in the video, even though it wasn't focused for whatever reason, that his left eye was turning in. I though all Tobi's vision problems were from him being so premature, but apparently, it's on my side of the family, since my nephew, Cason, has had serious vision issues as well, and he'll be 2 in December. So we have an apt with Dr. Metz next Wednesday.

I ended up taking Tobi to the ENT last Tuesday, July 27th, cause his horrible nose bleeds were getting worse. He'd had 4, heavy bleeds the Thurs before with Nana & Papa, and since Nana is a nurse, she agreed it'd be a good idea to get him checked out since our assessment that they were related to the BP problems he'd had since he was 2 were not longer present. I also had mentioned it to the school nurse when I registered him and she was glad that I made an apt because of how often Tobi had to go see her for nose bleeds. I went ahead and picked Luke up early so that I'd not have to go back by there after Tobi's apt. He'd been running a fever and that seemed to be his only symptom. I thought it might be teething, but I didn't think it would get as high as it was for that. As the nurse practitioner got all of Tobi's info, I asked her to look in Luke's ears since he had 102 fever and I'd given him some Motrin while we'd been waiting to see the doc. She said that I needed to get him registered as he had an ear infection. So, it was decided that Tobi would have his blood vessels cauterized with the silver nitrate that was used to remove the overgrowth of tissue around Tobi's g-tube when he had it. Dr. Hill said he'll also check for polyps in Tobi's sinuses. Although I think it's a bit soon, they're gonna go ahead and put tubes in Luke's ears. He's only had 3 infections but I guess they want to be proactive. They are gonna be done on the same day, August 19th at TCHA since both boys will have to have anesthesia precautions.

My dear friend Amber has been doing really well considering. I'm very proud of her. I cannot imagine, nor do I want to, going through what we've gone through, 3 times. She's going back to work Monday. I had to take a lot longer off after Layah died. The devotional's verses today on Our Daily Bread web site reminded me of something. It's John 20:19-29. What stuck out to me was the last verse, " Then Jesus told him, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not see and yet believed." I thought about how it's very easy to have faith when there's no turmoil, tragedy, or trial one is facing, but when any of these occur, that's when faith is refined and purified. Now don't get me wrong, I don't WANT to go through any problems, or EVER face a tragedy like we experienced with Layah, but I do know that my God used that to draw me closer so that He doesn't have to "yell", 'I'm always with you' because my face is resting on His chest, feeling His peace and assurance.

Faithfully His,


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