Monday, February 6, 2012

Update: 16 weeks

So today was my scheduled OB visit, but first I had to take Luke to the pediatrician for this junk he cant seem to beat. Mom took him to see Dr. Hodges just a month ago, the week after I had the cerclage put in, and he was on antibiotics for 10 days, but either he caught something else, or it's viral. So, after his appointment, he came with Mom and me to my appointment. I was a little surprised when the nurse told me "she" said to get undressed waist down and she'll be in,in a minute." "She"? I'm supposed to see Dr. Davis, and only Dr. Davis. Apparently, that didn't get relayed to the scheduling folks for this particular appointment. It was Dr. K (I'll leave it at that just in case). I don't care for her at all. Our personalities are just very different, but she always just seems very rushed. She didn't even ask me how I was feeling, if I had any problems, if I was concerned about anything, or had any questions for her. She told me she would check my cervix with an exam, and then we'd go check the cervical lengths by ultrasound-along with the baby's sex. I said, I thought it was too early for us to tell for sure, and she said no. We can check it. So Mom and I were pleasantly surprised, as I did not expect to get to find out until the next appointment. So we were excited. Then she said that at my next visit, I'd have the quad screening  and something else-I blocked out whatever else she said because I specifically remember telling my dear nurse that I would NOT be having any of the screenings for birth defects, chromosome problems or anything like that, as I did not need the added stress of that on top of an already high risk pregnancy, since that would not change our response and our love for this life, plus there is such a high false positive chance, it's not reliable in my mind. So, she rushes me out, and we wait to be called to head to the ultrasound room. A tech comes to get me and says "you know this is not gonna be a 'fun' ultrasound". So I said," okay that's fine. " I knew what she meant. It wouldn't be an 'on the stomach' type of ultrasound, which didn't bother me. So we begin with the ultrasound and she's measuring the cervix-as I assume since I cant tell what's what on the screen. I see the baby to the far left of the screen, but can only see the head, and little arm and hand occasionally, and did get a great view of a little open and close fist action at one point. We did see the spine, but we couldn't really view the womb much since she was doing the ultrasound, solely for the cervical lengths. So she says "okay you want me to help you sit up?" And mom and I both begin to say that we thought that I was gonna get to see the sex, when she dismissively says that we could've only seen that if the baby had been butt down in the view of the womb we could see and that didn't happen-which she really didn't take but maybe 60 seconds total. I was not happy. Dr. K didn't say, "well there's a chance you could find out if the baby happens to be butt down in the view of the cervix centered ultrasound, but that's probably not likely". No, she was very matter of fact that it would be viewable. Then the tech gave me my patient sheet and said I was ready to leave. I said, "So, is Dr. K gonna call me or what?" I am the type of patient that needs information and needs to know details. Don't do a specific test to determine the length of my cervix, which is a crucial detail in why I am high risk, and then tell me to leave! I'm sure if she'd been alarmed at what she'd seen, she'd gone to get get Dr. K, but still. She could have at least come back and said, "Mrs. Shelfer, everything looks great. The cervix in a normal pregnant woman of your gestation 'x' and yours is 'x'....we're pleased with it and will continue to check it." or something! So after being rushed in and out, and being excited only to be disappointed, I was not a happy patient checking out. The receptionist said that they wanted to see me back in 2 weeks. I questioned if Dr. Davis would be there that week, very, irritated and annoyed. She said no, but sensing my agitation, she told me that the next time that I come to clinic and sign in, on my patient sheet, to write really big at the top, "Dr. Davis ONLY" so that they know, upon my check out, to only schedule me with him. She let me know that Dr. Davis would be in clinic the following week, February 28th,  when I will be 19 weeks. I would have preferred to go back sooner, but whatever, I want to make sure that I see Dr.Davis each time, so I'll wait the extra week. Mom and I went by the compounding pharmacy on urMEU when I had to go get checked last Saturday night.

So I pray, Lord, help me to be thankful for the little blessings, remind me that you are in control and no matter when things don't go my way, You have it all worked out and in my best interest. Remind me that You just blessed us with Matt's AWESOME promotion at work that will be a great financial help to us, and that I shouldnt sweat the small stuff. :)

He is Faithful!


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