Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I can hardly believe that it's already here-Luke's first birthday. I replayed in my head the weekend before his birth many times over the past few days, since Luke was born Monday morning at 2:58am. My heart is so full. Thinking back over the past 2 years, it, at times feels like that was a different me. I mean I'd never want to go through anything like losing Layah again, but at the same time, if the Lord told me," you'll never have Luke, if you dont experience this tragic loss first so that you may fulfill my purpose for you in ministering to others who have walked this path," of course I would do it for him. He is the best baby, and I dont just say that because he's mine. He has hardly every cried except when he really truely needs something. He's such a laid back, easy going child. I know that the Lord has greatness for him, just as he does for Tobi. Here was the devotional that I found today:

The same God that spoke the earth into existence is the God that loves me and my family and has a plan for us. Wow!

Faithfully His,


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