Monday, April 25, 2011

Arms That Hold The Universe

Just another song that I know so many that are going through difficult times, (particularly those moms with sick babies or children, women having difficulty becoming a mom and just those struggling with life. It's just a God-inspired song. I cry everytime I hear it and cant help but raise my hands to praise the God that gives and takes away.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lift Me Up The Afters

I'm not keeping this blog up, as I feel that the Lord used it to minister to me through my year after Layah passed, and through my pregnancy with Luke, along with using it to encourage and minister to others. From time to time, I may post something random. This song was very powerful and sent to me by my dear brother and friend, Derok, so I wanted to share it with anyone that may come accross this blog. Hope you are as blessed by the words, the message, (and of course the Word of God that has been our standing verse through many trials and tribulations) as it I was.